The Best Sales Training Techniques for Cold Calling

If cold calling is a part of your job, then you may be wondering how you can get people to stay on the phone for long enough to listen to your sales pitch. There are a lot of places that offer sales training techniques for cold calling, but not all of the techniques are effective. Here are a few simple but popular techniques that you can use to improve your sales team’s performance.


Building Interest

The first thing your sales staff need to do is pique the interest of the person answering the phone. It is important to use those initial few seconds, or that first minute, to build a rapport with the person that answers the telephone so that they don’t hang up. Once you have got the recipient of the call engaged in a conversation you can start to ease in to the sales pitch.

Overcoming Objections

The next challenge is to persuade the person that they want your product. Few people say an outright no the first time they have something pitched to them, and a good salesperson will use that as an opportunity to continue selling the product. If a salesman is selling a laptop, and the prospective customer says “It’s OK, I’m happy with my existing Macbook”, for example, the salesman then has the opportunity to say “Oh, I completely understand, you’re probably used to using that machine if you’ve had it a while; however, did you know that this laptop makes it even easier to upload videos and chat with your friends using Skype?”.


The best salespeople will have used the first part of the call to figure out what the customer does with their existing laptop, arming themselves with information that they can use to overcome objections later in the call. It is a good idea to use this tactic to overcome two objections, and then if the customer continues to resist, accept that they are not interested in the product, save your time and theirs, and move on to the next call.

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